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Portable Single Boards & Coaching Boards in Houston, TX

We offer you the highest quality glass table tops and wall mounts, and polycarbonate coaching boards, made in the USA

TAGTOPS® is a subsidiary of Schillaci Enterprise Inc. We are dedicated to providing the most industry-leading and innovative solutions in the glass tinting industry. We are committed to building a strong and trustworthy relationship with our potential customers.

Texas Glass Tint History

In 1986, Sam Schillaci established Texas Glass Tint as an automotive film installation company. Through quality and customer satisfaction results, the company transformed within the year expanding services to commercial and residential clients.

As of 2004, Texas Glass Tint became fully dedicated to commercial and residential film installation. We were officially incorporated under Schillaci Enterprise Inc. as of 2007.

We have also been able to create other subsidiaries:

Tinted Advertising Graphics, also know as TAG®, offers businesses a new medium in office decor and design while retaining a functional work environment. Our patented process is one of a kind, and we take pride in providing our customers with the quality product they deserve.

TAGTOPS® offers a patented designed glass table tops and wall mounts, and polycarbonate coaching boards. They can be customized for use in any sport. However, our boards are used in many settings including hospitals, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, and corporate offices. We can customize our boards to fit in with your needs.

Tag Tops Houston Custom Glass Boards for any Sport

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