Glass Custom Table Tops

Glass Custom Table Tops
Glass Custom Table Tops

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TAGTOPS Glass Custom Table Tops are made with the strength and high quality of our 1/4-inch clear tempered glass featuring a polished finished edge.

Engineered to exceed the most demanding safety, strength and versatility in design. TAGTOPS dry-erase glass boards easily wipe clean, never getting stained or ghost, featuring the sporting game field of your choice! Each TAGTOPS glass board is made in the U.S.A.

Customizable with branding or logo of choice.

Made to your custom size and shape. 


TAGTOPS glass boards are uniquely designed for easy transportation as a glass table top for your training, office, or conference areas.  As a table top you can set it on any surface enabling the entire team to see the play


Our patented designed TAGTOPS glass boards are made with ¼ inch clear tempered glass featuring a polished finished edge. TAGTOPS glass boards never stain, never ghost. They are compatible with dry/wet erase markers and even permanent markers.

Aesthetic design

Frameless glass board design blends perfectly into any environment

Easy to use, easy to clean

Each TAGTOPS board comes with one dry eraser and two dry erase markers.  It can also be cleaned with any soft cloth.

Designed to last

Engineered to exceed the most demanding strength and extensible design that will last!

  • Pricing is determined by customization of branding or logo
  • 1/4-inch clear tempered glass
  • Specially designed to be non-ghosting
  • Compatible with dry/wet erase markers
  • 1 year warranty on material
  • Available in any sport
  • Includes liability insurance $0.50 per each $100.

Cost for Crate & Shipping to any location in the U.S included

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