Custom Dry Erase Boards & Custom Glass Marker in Dallas, TX

Specially Designed Coach Glass Boards!

TAGTOPS  glass table tops, wall mounts,  and polycarbonate boards will not stain regardless of heavy use. Use any dry erase marker and you are set to start creating your game plan!

TAGTOPS are specifically designed for easy transportation as a glass top. You can set it on any surface enabling the entire team to see the play. You can also choose a specific stand-off finish.

How it works:


















Add a modern aesthetic to your marker board!

TAGTOPS boards are designed to provide long term durability and a modern aesthetic appeal becoming the perfect complement to your office, conference room, or boardroom.

Never stains, never ghosts!

TAGTOPS glass boards are made with 1/4 inch clear tempered glass with a polished finished edge. Engineered to exceed the most demanding strength and extensible design that will last a lifetime.

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